A company is distinguished from its competition by two things: it’s brand, and it’s culture. Customise your garments with your logo in order to achieve distinction, and let your brand stand out and be unique in the crowd. By branding you make your garment distinctive, original, highly valued and remembered. But most importantly branding makes it yours, whether it needs to be corporate, chic, trendy, striking or sporty. Your company’s image is one of the most important asserts you have. Looking professional is half the battle. Having your team proudly wearing high quality apparel with your logo on it makes a positive statement to everyone who sees them.


We provide personalised services for your apparel needs and pride ourselves in offering a complete solution to meet your specific needs. Our in-house designer’s innate ability to blend functionality, comfort and sheer style, is evident in every last detail of our range. From corporate, healthcare, hospitality, wellness & beauty and industrial apparel.


Providing your employees with branded uniform sends them the message that they are equally important and have a vital role to play within the organization. In a business environment, a branded uniform creates brand awareness among your target audience. The branded uniform creates unification and consistency within your brand.


Think of your company’s uniform as free advertising; using the company colours/logo on marketing materials creates an immediate visual representation of your brand. Every staff member should be aware of the image they express while wearing their uniform. For better or for worse, they are your brand ambassadors.


Employees who wear an appealing branded uniform are proud to be recognized as part of a select team. A branded uniform tells them that they are representatives of the brand and, if you have hired the right people, they will feel some responsibility towards that image. Because of their roles as brand ambassadors, their actions will often determine whether or not the public continues to feel confidence in your brand.


People in the same branded uniform often feel a bond with one another, especially when they are out in public. Even if they are from different locations there is often a sense of camaraderie upon meeting and recognizing a fellow employee. It builds an instant connection and bond. That team spirit can help people work well together, and a happy team usually equates to business growth.

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Heat Transfer

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It is very important to be visible in your work.  With a cost-effective way that increases your safety we can add reflective tape to garments if you are in situations where you need to be more visible. It is important to note that reflective marking tape is highly visible during both day and night conditions. There is a range of options of tape widths and styles. Talk to us about your requirements.