Taskay creates work wear solutions for a wide range of industry segments, e.g., Building & Construction, Transport & Logistics, Mining industry. We developing a deep knowledge of work wear and safety requirements, which helps us to provide professionals what they really need to perform their work in a safe and effective manner. Creating the best possible prerequisites for the future requires courage, desire, innovation and the will to take responsibility.

Taskay offers work wear solutions with concrete customer benefits bringing value added. If you don’t recognize or know your needs, we do. We want to support our customers’ success from consulting to logistics, from profiling to total care, through the whole product and customer life cycle. We always strive to live up to the demands of our customers, and with high-tech solutions, ethical production, smart logistics and effective distribution, we can stand behind our vision: Right clothing, safe and attractive, inside and out.

At Taskay, we are extremely committed to service, high quality and providing customised work wear solutions. Our products are designed in South Africa, we are proud of our strong roots and our brand’s heritage in the South African market. Together with our loyal customers and their professionals we are constantly taking steps to adapt to a changing world and to new technologies.

Times and trends change, but having a wide product range is how we plan on keeping our customers, as every customers need is different!