“Enhancing your professional image as a healthcare provider”.

It is important for healthcare staff to have appropriate medical uniforms and scrubs as they perform their duties. We believe patient care begins with recognizing that everything you do contributes to protecting or restoring patient health. Working in healthcare requires a combination of many strong skills to ensure that patients are tended to and treated as effectively as possible. This includes working at speed and under pressure, reacting to situations quickly on the ward, and staying clean and hygienic, all while looking presentable and as part of a competent team.

Healthcare uniforms play an important role in the medical industry and facilities. They protect against the spreading of harmful pathogens, help you present a professional image, and help patients identify your staff. They can have a positive impact on patient and staff satisfaction. Coordinated staff uniforms improve the professional appearance of your team and make it easy for patients and family members to identify their caregivers.

Taskay keeps healthcare professionals looking and feeling good, all day and night long.
We understand that healthcare uniforms need to be functional and flattering so we carefully tailor healthcare uniforms to individual staff members to ensure comfort and ease of movement. We have a fabulous range of both basic and special garments for the healthcare industry.

Taskay provides work wear and patient wear for hospitals with high comfort and quality, custom fitted healthcare uniforms with hygiene requirements. We provide healthcare, medical and nurses’ uniforms to suit these requirements for a whole range of roles in the healthcare sector. This includes doctors and nurses for the NHS and for private healthcare, as well as dental and other practices.

From medical, maternity dresses to tunics, pants, scrubs and protective coats and EMS garments, which are designed and manufactured with health care professionals in mind in terms of quality, fit and comfort, and according to healthcare standards. We also offer a selection of business wear and clinical practice garments ideal for those roles outside the theatre.

Our uniforms are made of easy-care polyester that is soft and breathable and keeps you looking fresh and professional the entire work day. With fresh colours and a variety of designs, we hope you are as proud to wear our creations as we are to make them.

We can increase patient safety, enhance the patient experience and strengthen your brand. And that means more time for you to focus on what matters most: “You take care of them; we’ll take care of the way you look.”