First Impression Counts. Your Image is Your BRAND. Dress to Perfection with Taskay’s Elegant, Designer, Stylish, Fashionable, Luxury Wellness & Beauty Uniforms.

Presentation is everything in the beauty industry and the uniform of a beauty therapist needs to strike a balance between looking neat and stylish as well as providing comfort throughout the day. At Taskay, our main goal is to provide our customers with Elegant, Designer, Fashionable, High-quality, state-of-the-art uniforms in trendy colours.

Looking impeccable and elegant is important for your customers and strongly influences the perception of the quality of services they will get, their overall satisfaction, and their desire to come or not come back! Taskay Wellness & Beauty Uniforms are designer, elegant, fashionable, sophisticated and comfortable uniforms made of high-quality technical fabrics, specifically developed for uniform use, so that the professionals look unique and feel their best on a daily basis. Investing in Taskay Uniforms is investing in being different to become irreplaceable……..

Uniforms need to be comfortable, we developed exclusive patterns keeping in mind comfort and freedom of movement, without leaving behind elegance and style… These professionals can now look their best and reinforce the quality image they want to convey to their customers with designer, luxury, elegant, high-quality and comfortable professional wellness & beauty uniforms.

It is a pleasure for us to offer an image of grace, style, sophistication and professionalism. Created with the best professional performance fabrics of the market, specifically designed to resist the most strict requirements, our garments has been developed to become the “little black dress” of uniforms for any estheticians, cosmetologists, beauticians other professionals involved in the wellness and beauty industries.

Taskay Wellness & Beauty Uniforms Exclusive Patterns: Freedom of Movement
Because working at ease and having a freedom of movement is essential in the industries we serve, Taskay has created exclusive patterns, keeping in mind the needs of spa, esthetic, cosmetology, beauty, and other wellness & beauty professionals.

Taskay: Designer, Elegant, Fashionable, Stylish Designs
At Taskay, we believe that in order to sell “Beauty” we need to feel “Beautiful”. Professionals who need uniforms to perform their duties should not feel left out by fashion and classiness, and should certainly not always have to wear the same outfits on a daily basis. Those professionals who sell beauty, and wellness should be the first ones to always present themselves at their best. Feeling good in what one wears is critical for self-confidence and morale, and ultimately translates into the quality of services provided to the end customers. Those professionals should have the opportunity to change styles and attire every day, the same way than other corporate professionals do.

Taskay Uniforms: Quality Craftsmanship Made in South Africa
We design all our styles in house, and use the best quality materials. At Taskay, we are passionate about elegance and fashion and devoted to provide our clients with professional designs that keep and maintain a high level of quality, comfort and design. Taskay uniforms offer an image of grace, style, sophistication and professionalism.