Taskay combines its strength as a local company with innovation, earning its reputation thanks to the high quality of its products which are worn with pride by our clients in today’s world of Gastronomy, Hospitality and Food Retail.

Taskay dresses women and men who are committed to doing their best to delighting the taste-buds of their clients and welcoming them with an uncompromising sense of service. The high quality of Taskay products is the guarantee of a time-tested expertise in textile ensuring an optimum comfort at work, allowing its users to focus on what is most important: the realisation of their know-how.

Simplicity is the ultimate expression of elegance when searching for perfection that leads to a mastery of the details. Never leaving anything to chance, Taskay creates garments moulded by passion and creativity, they reflect the highly demanding nature of kitchen work in all its forms. When the rules of fashion are applied to the kitchen, you get a Taskay garment In the image of emerging talents in the world of bistronomy, Taskay combines innovation, originality, style and modernity.