Our Brand Inspiration

At the time of the birth of a Taskay garment, experience, skills and passion gather in an explosive mix of creativity and style. Our vision is to offer garments that combined the finest available fabrics with exceptional designs, resulting in garments of incomparable style and comfort.

Elegance and functionality are the principles that have inspired our designers in creating our garments as we focus on people who daily get in touch with the public. Perfect fit, elegant and comfortable fabrics, maximum, trendy colours and cuts, are just some of the features that distinguish our garments and inspires our brand. Comfortable and flawless even after many working hours. We continue, with this goal in mind, to offer some of the finest garments in our industry at the best possible value.

The design department works in close synergy with the sales management in order to get in perfect agreement at the time of the creation of the apparel. Throughout all the year, our commitment is to be constantly informed about the latest trends in fashion, taking the cue from trade fairs but also by creative spheres stranger to fashion: that’s how the boards are filled with sketches of all kinds, fabrics, spools of thread, cut pages, texture stolen everywhere, and eventually the mood board of the new collection takes shape.

At Taskay we believe in people and we know how to listen to them, we observe the market carefully and foster innovation with the enthusiasm and creativity typical an exception apparel company.

We organize our ideas, choose the fabrics and start by drawing strictly in pencil the first sketches. Day after day the sketches enhance and enrich with details until we are in front of dozens of drawings that will compose the new collection.

Our Creative Process

Design Create

Our garments are sketched and designed, by our in- house designers, bringing the concept to life further with fabric and colour swatches. We provide production samples of fabrics and garments to our clients to approve before uniform manufacture.

Development & Production

Our pattern making is the blue print of the product development, as it is made according to the garments design. Our multiple layer fabric cutting process is accurate to ensure styling and specifications of the garment. The marked cut fabric pieces then go to the assemble section where the pieces of fabric are sewn together to create a completed garment.

Finishing & Packing

The garments are checked, labelled, cleaned, steam ironed. Then sent to quality control, packaged and then ready to be dispatched.