We have always been at the forefront of work wear innovations and we constantly develop our products to meet the needs of our users and help them perform at their best. We always look for the best choice of fabric and if we don’t find it, we develop new solutions ourselves. Down to the smallest detail – and with great concern for our surroundings – we combine materials, technology and design to keep on developing world-class work wear solutions. Tomorrow is in our sight.


We are passionate about our brand, products and our customers and invest our heart and soul to help them perform at their best and encourage them to meet any challenge ahead. We add enthusiasm to our brand, products, services and relations.


We don’t pretend to be anything other than what we are. We acknowledge the professionalism of our customers and emphasise that we are by their side. Our customers know exactly what it takes to get the job done and we know exactly what it takes to support them. Our products – world class work wear.


We engage with our customers and users, designing work wear solutions based on their needs and demands. Tailored to fit your needs.


  • To always help you perform at your best by offering a complete range of high-quality work wear with functional and contemporary design, easy accessible for professionals in various industries and services in a sustainable and innovative manner.
  • To have your safety and comfort as our top priorities, making garments that protect you from rough environments, dirty jobs, and bad weather.
  • To always keep your image professional and your style personal.
  • To always listen to the needs of working professionals and always seek to meet those needs.
  • To always promote a responsible business model and never compromise with our ideals in our product lines.
  • To strive towards our ideals in our products as well as within our own work chain.


Care and responsibility are what link together our work on quality and environmental sustainability.

The aim of our quality policy is to meet, and if possible surpass, what our customers expect before, during and after their purchase.

Every customer contact should lead to recommendation of our products. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone has some customer contact, inside or outside the organization.

To maintain a successful and competitive business, it is vital that we measure up to our quality goals and maintain constant improvement.